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Automated Cloud Migration

Migration Services

We don’t take your cloud migration lightly—and neither should you. Every migration requires hands-on expertise to execute the most seamless, efficient and cost-effective migration possible.

Depending on your source and destination environment, as well as the composition of your applications and workloads, automation can help fast-track your cloud migration when combined with our industry-leading cloud migration capabilities.

As a technology and provider-agnostic system integrator with a core focus on migration and transformation services, Evolve Partners is not limited to using a single tool or software product to execute your migration. Evolve Partners’ consultants, solution architects and migration engineers create a detailed project plan that is unique to each individual customer need.

Our project plans may involve a Evolve Partners-vetted automated migration tool along with one or more software solutions, coupled with expert Evolve Partners professional services to ensure uptime requirements are met and migrated applications and workloads are extensively tested, secure and fully functional at the target environment.

Additionally, Evolve Partners experts provide strategic consulting and technical services in the following areas:

  • Target Architecture Planning
  • Discovery and Application Dependency Mapping
  • Dev/Ops Tool Chain Implementation
  • Scalability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Load Testing
  • Design
  • Security Vulnerability Scanning and Hardening
  • Application and Workload Development
Server Monitoring and Server Workload/Application Maintenance

Evolve Partners business analysts, consultants, architects, data migration engineers and software developers have countless thousands of hours of experience planning and executing the migration of servers, workloads, applications and complex IT infrastructures. We provide a complete and total solution for full cloud adoption.


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