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Cloud Migration Planning


Evolve Partners migration analysts will conduct a thorough source environment discovery of your infrastructure and applications. We will inventory all of your servers, services, applications, workloads, and digital assets, and provide a comprehensive report and where necessary, dependency mappings.


Evolve Partners project directors and certified migration engineers will consult with your technical and operations teams to identify existing pain points and transformation desirables, to deliver a turnkey transformation strategy, target architecture, and migration execution plan.


Evolve Partners certified migration engineers will begin the transformation with no impact to your live services. Our project managers will work closely with your team to provide updates on the execution timeline, assist with functional end-user testing at the target environment, and stage and plan the final go-live event. Where plausible and known to provide migration efficiency and cost savings, Evolve Partners will leverage a Evolve Partners-vetted migration automation tool to streamline your project.

Decommission and Support

Upon successful completion of your upgrade/transformation, Evolve Partners can decommission the former end-of-life Windows 2003 environment and provide post-migration maintenance and support on a per-incident or retained support plan.

Get started on your Evolve Partners-guaranteed Windows 2003 end-of-life server migration today to ensure the most cost-effective migration with the least hassle.