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Enterprise Migration Consulting

Server Inventory

Evolve Partners will work with you to obtain an inventory of your existing cloud, physical or hybrid architecture, as well as on premise equipment and infrastructure.  In the event that you do not have this information readily available, Evolve Partners can consult with your existing data center or hosting provider to organize and document this information.

Workload Inventory and Review

EPI will consult with you to gain an understanding of the applications, websites, workloads, databases and other services which require migration to the cloud. EPI's Pre-Migration Assessment includes having our migration engineers gain access to each of the servers in your existing environment to perform discovery and document a full inventory of all of your websites, applications, workloads, databases and third party services for your review. Evolve Partners will provide the inventory to you for your review and our project managers will work with you to determine which of the identified items require migration.

Transformation, Migration Desirables

Determining the factors leading up to the migration project is critical.  EPI’s cloud migration engineers will consult with you to document all of the contributing factors and desirable outcomes for the migration.