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Physical to Virtual Migration

Evolve Partners has migrated over 250,000 physical servers since 2003, almost 25% of them since 2009 as organizations and enterprises of all sizes turn to cloud adoption and cost-effective virtual hosting environments. We know firsthand that migrating from a physical to a virtual environment can seem daunting at first.

Our proven physical-to-virtual (P2V) conversion process enables the use of migration software when plausible, and Evolve Partners technical services to fill any gaps ensuring a seamless, successful migration when automation must be augmented by expertise. Our migration engineers know which applications and services require specific planning and accommodation, in order to mitigate migration risk and ensure your critical data and business operations are transformed and restored without interruption.

Automated migration tools are a piece of the puzzle, but not a complete solution—and utilizing the right software solution is equally important for successfully piecing together your project seamlessly and effectively.

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At Evolve Partners, we leverage our industry-leading partnerships with software providers where possible to create robust, cost-effective physical to virtual transformation solutions that meet the needs of our clients head-on. With more than a decade of experience, our certified migration specialists deploy industry best practices to make your migration a success.

Evolve Partners is the first, largest and most experienced migration services provider in the world, and though we don’t sell software — we do deliver complete migration solutions.

Evolve Partners Solution Specialists are ready to help you begin planning your P-to-V migration process. Call us at 888-771-4153.