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Premigration Assessment

Migration Discovery Server Assessment Service

An Evolve Partners migration engineer will review your source server(s) and prepare an itemized inventory report, including a list of server migration tasks and migration costs for EPI-guaranteed server migration services. The fastest, most thorough and least expensive migration assessment and migration discovery service option for you to plan your server migration.

EPI server migration discovery assessment is an excellent option for Proof of Concept migration, and can even identify application dependencies and potential incompatibilities that a server discovery tool often cannot.

Simply put, you won't find a faster, simpler, more thorough or less costly method to prepare for your cloud migration or server migration.

Order your Evolve Partners server migration discovery service to start your cloud migration and server migration plan today.

Enterprise Migration Discovery

A full project lifecycle approach to Enterprise migrations, starting with discovery and consultation.

EPI’s full project lifecycle approach to your cloud migration starts with consultation, architecture and migration planning and continues through the execution, proof of concept options, go-live and post-migration, and maintenance and support services.