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Cyber Security

Running a small business today is becoming more and more complicated. Allowing you to focus on your business and not on technology is becoming more important as information technology decisions continue to become more demanding and complex every day.

However, making sure your employees can send e-mail, create proposals, and do research has become the staple of employee productivity and, if not managed appropriately, can cost you thousands of dollars in lost profits and that affects your bottom line!

The average PC user support incident costs a small business approximately $150.00. Over a year’s time that support number is over $1000.00 per user per year, this is due to un-managed technology systems and an inadequate level of support to manage and maintain these systems and business data properly.

Total Defense provides small businesses with the proper maintenance, support, and peace of mind that small business owners need to focus on their core businesses and not on technology problems. Purchasing a Total Defense support plan can mean the difference between added profitability for your business or wasteful spending on un-managed technology systems in your business. Get Total Defense today!

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