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Evolve Partners’ IT Outsourcing services is a unit within the company that provides staff-based services to organizations of all sizes who need project-specific or business function IT resources on a time-definite or indefinite basis. Many companies are challenged to find well qualified, experienced and credentialed information technology professionals. With the growth of IT as an industry, finding, attracting and retaining talent continues to prove difficult in our global economy.

Whether you need an expert to help you with a Voice-Over-IP implementation, an Exchange migration, support of a regional office too far away from corporate and everything in between, our IT Outsourcing solution is your solution.

Our team of skilled, experienced and certified staff can help with virtually any IT project or service that may be outside of the capabilities of your own. And with the EPI Professional Network, we are likely to have a qualified contractor available for application specific or unique requirements, not covered by our in-house team.

Staff Augmentation

Looking for experienced, qualified and certified IT professionals to help your in-house staff with ongoing technology initiatives or services inside your company? Innovative technical expertise is an important factor, however, adding someone with superior customer service skills is equally important.
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Branch Office Services

Many companies have multiple offices or separate operating divisions which are far removed from the corporate office. These Branch Offices many times have the same needs that those associates in the corporate office do when it comes to IT support.
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IT Help Desk

Arguably the least valued IT function by users and sometimes dubbed as the “Helpless Desk”, IT Help Desk is really the pulse of the health of the IT department. With the increasing amount of complexity associated with users operating their PCs and interacting with various software systems, your employees are likely to need more and timely IT support.
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Data Center Management

Building and maintaining your core information technology assets including servers, routers, switches, VoIP and data storage can be costly and complex. Beyond the costs of the technology, contending with cooling, power, connectivity and the increasing needs for these systems to be highly-available is a growing challenge.
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Asset/Life Cycle Management

With increasing speed, technology of tomorrow is replacing the technology of today. However, there is still a need to maximize the useful life of your existing IT assets as you continue to write off its expense or depreciate it over its life. The need to manage warranties, in-service dates, asset tags, serial numbers and prepare for refresh of these systems continues to be a major challenge for many businesses.
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