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Branch Office Services

Many companies have multiple offices or separate operating divisions which are far removed from the corporate office. These Branch Offices many times have the same needs that those associates in the corporate office do when it comes to IT support.

From a budget perspective, it is usually not feasible to employ a full time IT support person when you have 10 or 20 employees in a single remote office. Travel costs and time delays associated with sending IT staff from the corporate office on a regular basis to the branch office(s) also remains economically untenable. Many companies try and solve that with having an “on-call” IT provider that sends out a technician or engineer on a per incident basis. More often than not, that on-call person knows little to nothing about the environment or people, providing less than adequate service which costs more in the end.

Our solution for Branch Office Services solution is really an extension to your corporate IT department. Evolve Partners will tailor a regular support plan, followed up with per incident services, to assure that the service provided to your remote office is consistent with corporate standards and that domain knowledge is transferred consistently between our companies. We will create a team of technicians and engineers who will be cross-trained on the specifics of your company.

Branch Office Services can be structured on a calendared basis with backup per incident support as necessary.

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