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Data Center Management

Building and maintaining your core information technology assets including servers, routers, switches, VoIP and data storage can be costly and complex. Beyond the costs of the technology, contending with cooling, power, connectivity and the increasing needs for these systems to be highly-available is a growing challenge.

Many businesses have opted to have some of their back-end systems for applications such as websites or e-Commerce systems outsourced or located outside of their premises. Unfortunately, this has lead in some cases to declines in serviceability, integration or poor performance.

The Evolve Partners’ Data Center Management service is a flexible offering which allows your business to pick from a mix of dedicated, collocated or shared data center management combinations most cost-effective and suitable for your needs. You can choose to keep all or some of your assets inside your physical infrastructure or have it completely reside within our world-class data center network.

Our solution includes technology tools for us to remotely monitor, maintain and remediate your critical systems across physical locations, providing you with central visibility and accountability for all of these assets. We can also provide dedicated or shared staff to run your existing data center at your location or that of a third party. Evolve Partners’ team of certified and highly-skilled IT Architects, Engineers and Technicians can manage these assets around the clock and integrate with our Network Operations Center (NOC) team to assure your infrastructure is available and reliable.

The service is also offered as a bundled solution through our System Defense and Data Defense solutions.

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