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Tech Support for the Los Angeles, CA Area

Arguably, the most important IT function for your employees, IT Help Desk support is really the pulse of the IT department. With the increasing complexity associated with users operating their PCs and interacting with various software systems, your employees are likely to need more IT support and our unlimited model will fit perfectly into your budget.

Our IT Support Desk Service

IT Help Desk services are offered on a dedicated or shared basis and can be structured to work cooperatively with your existing in-house help desk team. The service is also offered as a bundled solution through our Total Defense solution. Our solution offers expanded coverage, including emergency after hours and 24/7 plans. The service is also designed to focus on first-call resolution to minimize repeat calls and frustration, provide tracking and reporting to give you the necessary information to take preventative action, and offer a single point of accountability. The help desk analyst is responsible for seeing the issue through to the end, rather than passing you through an exhausting chain of command.

Qualified Support Staff

Qualified support staff can be difficult to find and even more difficult to manage or maintain. Many help desks are plagued with excessive employee turnover, training issues, inconsistent availability, and lack of proactive services. The businesses they support may suffer due to lack of productivity, lost revenue, and employee dissatisfaction.

The Evolve Partners, Inc. IT Support Desk solution is designed to give companies streamlined, proactive, highly available, and reliable means to manage user support cost-effectively. Our unscripted, locally staffed support desk relies on a proactive service approach tied directly to our Total Defense Solution. They are resourceful associates who will guide callers through the incident with patience and courtesy. 

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